Merino for Motorcycling

EDZ have been providing motorcyclists with good quality base-layers, thermals and accessories for over 25 years. Our current range is made with merino wool which not only has great thermal properties for cold conditions it also helps regulate temperature & wicks away sweat in hot which gives merino a significant edge over cotton and synthetics and that is before taking into account wool’s anti odour properties.


Merino base layers for motorcycling

Merino Base-layers for Motorcycling

Whether you are touring, commuting or going for a ride out for the day our merino base layers provide natural climate control in hot or cold conditions, summer and winter.

Wool has awesome anti odour properties so our merino base layers do not need washing after each wear so when touring you don’t need to take as much kit.

Check out our base layers.

Women’s Merino Base Layers
Men’s Merino Base Layers


Merino Mid-layers for Motorcycling

Merino Mid-layers for Motorcycling

EDZ  heavier weight 260g merino makes a great second layer, mid-layer or sweater. 100% wool, available in a 260 merino hoodie or 260 merino zip neck styles.

Women’s Mid-Layers

Men’s Mid-Layers




Merino wool accessories for motorcycling

Merino Accessories for Motorcycling

EDZ range of merino wool accessories for motorcycling;

Neck warmers


Liner gloves