EDZ Boiled Wool Mittens


Boiled wool mittens Thicker and than regular woollen mitts, will help keep hands warm whatever the weather. These start life as a massive mittens which are shrunk down to size, the wool becomes denser improving wind resistance and insulation. Boiled wool mittens were traditionally worn by skiers and mountaineers before modern gloves came along and many still use them including the Austrian Army.
  • Ergonomic shape for better fit
  • Merino Wool
  • 100% Wool
  • 100% natural
About the Fit Traditional knitted mittens are an approximate hand shape, these follow the anatomical shape of the hand giving a much better fit.
  • The thumb is correctly positioned inside the palm
  • The width of the glove is the same above and below the palm.
Also see our boiled wool gloves matching knitted hats Sizing guide boiled wool gloves sizing for EDZ

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