Maryport Lighthouse on EDZ Packaging

If you have bought an item from EDZ you may have noticed that as part of our packaging there is a photo of a lighthouse.  The lighthouse featured is Maryport Lighthouse.

Why a lighthouse?

The lighthouse is an iconic landmark in Maryport.

EDZ is based on High Street in Maryport, just a stones throw away from Maryport Harbour and the town’s lighthouse.  The locally-famed lighthouse also features in several of L S Lowrey’s paintings of the town.  If it’s good enough for Lowrey, it is good enough for EDZ!

We are proud of our roots being in Cumbria and we thought it was fitting to have a tribute to Maryport visible to EDZ customers.

History of Maryport lighthouse

The lighthouse is an octagonal cast iron structure measuring 9.75m and is the first of its type to be built in the UK.  It widely believed to be the oldest in the world.  The lighthouse was built in 1846 at the same time as the timber pier.  The harbour was then a very busy shipping port.  The lighthouse was replaced by a modern version and stood disused for many years.

Re-generation of the Lighthouse

In recent times calls from locals were finally answered and the lighthouse began to shine again, albeit in land only.  The main column of the lighthouse is painted white with the section housing the lamp being painted black and crowned with a wind vane.  The lighthouse looks impressive particularly on a sunny day when the hills of Scotland and the water of Solway Firth provide an excellent backdrop.  The exposed location does mean that it takes a battering from the wind and this has left the newly painted lighthouse with rust patches and stains already. Work is expected to rectify this again once the weather improves.

The railings around the lighthouse have been decorated using drawings by local school children, which can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

Come and Visit

The lighthouse is clearly visible from the harbour and the marina.  There is a flat and easy walk round (or drive with free parking) and access to the beach.  Although there is no access inside the lighthouse at the moment, it is worth a look if you are in the area.

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