Some tips for first time campers

The tent:

If you are car camping then consider the weight and size of the tent, check if the tent will fit in your car along with all of the other kit + children and dogs.  Larger tents tend to have a sleeping space and a living space, it does rain a lot in the UK so it is great to have a sheltered space to sit around to play games, read a book, eat in the dry.   Tip don’t buy a tent bigger than necessary, the bigger the tent the heavier & larger it will be.

A good night’s sleep:

When camping a good sleeping mat can make a huge difference in getting a decent night’s sleep, the best ones are self-inflating mats.  Don’t bother with inflatable mattresses, they take up too much space, take for ever to blow up, can spring leaks & are not as comfortable as a good self-inflating mat. You could take a duvet but sleeping bags take up much less space & there are plenty to choose from.  Don’t forget pillows – camping ones are available.


  1. A camping table and fold up chairs will make things more civilized.
  2. If you like a cup of tea or coffee, I would recommend a jet boil. These are brilliant for boiling water quickly, very efficient & compact. You will need a container for water with lots of camping ones available.
  3. A small gas camping stove is useful, along with a set of camping pans.  We always take a small skillet for frying & a Bialetti coffee maker for real, fresh coffee.
  4. Where permitted to use barbeques a portable barbeque is a much better bet than disposable ones, I have a small barrel barbeque that is brilliant.
  5. Small chopping board, couple of sharp knives, bottle opener, melamine plates and bowls, washing up bowl, knives forks, spoons, cups, glasses of the non-breakable variety, fish, slice bbq tongs.
  6. If you have space, an ice box is a useful addition.  The Australians call these Eskys, they are brilliant at keeping, beers, wine, milk etc chilled for days. You can also get cool boxes that work off a cars 12v supply.

Other essentials:

wellies, waterproofs, umbrella, midge repellent, bite cream, sun cream, hat, warm fleece / sweater (it can get chilly at night), foam ear plugs.  Take a bucket – handy if you need a pee in the night but be careful you don’t trip over it in the morning!


Merino Clothing:

To avoid unnecessary laundry when camping try merino wool as it be worn for days staying odour & wrinkle free.  Wool regulates temperature so can be worn when hot, dries fast and is warmer that cotton & synthetics.  Check out EDZ merino range for Men & Women