McNeils on Wheels


McNeils on Wheels are husband and wife duo Pete and Alice.  You may recognize them as they feature on our website modelling our items.  Little did we know that they were already putting EDZ products through their paces!  Here is their story in their own words …

Pete & Alice McNeil got married in September 2012 and then set off on a honeymoon bike ride… 2 years, 3 bikes, 22 countries & 20,000kms later they showed up in New Zealand with a fresh perspective on life, marriage, people and the world around us. Rather than setting out to break any records the point of their journey was just to be free, to live simply, to experience all they could of the world and to do it together. Following the road less travelled East through Europe, Asia and Australia they were faced with countless 5 star picnic spots,10,000 star camping spots, the exceptional kindness of strangers, back spasms on the afghan border, tandem building in Kathmandu and from the saddle of a bike learned that it’s not about the destination but the places in between.

EDZ’s simple merino clothing designs suited our needs perfectly. Living our lives in the saddle and interacting with the cultures we passed through, it was important for us not to be forever wearing tight, flashy, technical cycling clothing. EDZ’s gear performed great both on and off the bike (even with occasionally long periods between washes!) and as a testament to it’s durability, we still own and regularly use it thousands of kilometres later…



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