Paddling the Margins

Paddling the Margins is a film making project and Kayak expedition to investigate the experiences of marginal groups, living at the edge of North American society and geography, under the threat of climate change and habitat destruction.

The journey and film will shed light on how the various groups that live and work on this coast have learnt to coexist with their natural environment and how the challenging trade-offs of economic development, environmental stewardship and the protection of culture and heritage are being managed.

The three-month project involves paddling hundreds of miles along the entire Canadian west coast, from Ketchikan, Alaska to Seattle, Washington, through extreme conditions, unsupported in traditional skin-on-frame folding kayaks – in what is an expedition first.

EDZ supplied a range of merino base layers to the team for their trip, helping to keep them warm, comfortable, and protected from the elements across the duration of their expedition.