EDZ merino gloves & mittens

  1. Thin silk and merino gloves that can  be own as a light weight gloves or as a liner in cold conditions.
  2. Fingerless gloves for cold offices or working outside when dexterity is needed.
  3. Boiled wool gloves and mittens to wear over your liners when its is freezing.
  • Merino thermal / liner gloves
  • Merino Touch screen gloves
  • Merino Fingerless gloves
  • Silk Thermal / liner gloves
  • Silk fingerless gloves
  • Boiled wool gloves
  • Boiled wool mittens

These are all available in a range of sizes, see product pages for more information.

For cycling, hiking, running, motorcycling, skiing, snow sports, photography, cold offices, Raynauds sufferers and everyday use.

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