Review: EDZ Waterproof Socks

With the heatwave finally being over, now presented the perfect opportunity to put the EDZ Waterproof Socks to the test.  We handed over the socks to trusted product tester Matt Le Voi of Lakeland Mountain Guides.

We were over the moon with the feedback received with the socks scoring a 100% success as Matt made his way through all the bogs and streams he could find.

Matt’s full review in his own words was as follows:

Waterproof Socks… who likes them?

Well up until this week just gone I’d never worn them. To be honest I’d always been a bit tight to spend £30+ on a pair of socks that would be a bit of a punt but recently our company sponsor EDZ Layering gave me a pair of their waterproof socks to try out.

Since the heatwave ended it’s been a few weeks of near constant drizzle, the bogs are bag in full force and the streams are flowing fast. I decided that this week I’d wear them and put them to the test, and that included 3 days of navigation training on boggy off path terrain, a wet mountain biking session at Whinlatter and a wet wild camp. I was particularly keen to keep my feet dry through the wild camp, something that I’ve not always managed on previous experiences.

Without going on too much, these socks were fantastic. I was a little hesitant when I first put them on as they didn’t feel like they had any shape and were more of a bag, but then the elastic did it’s job and the sock almost morphed around my foot. Throughout all the hours wearing them I didn’t think about my feet once which is perfect – after all you only really think about your comfort when you’re uncomfortable! The socks scored a 100% success through all those bogs and streams and have totally revolutionised my thoughts on waterproof socks. What’s more the merino lining meant they stayed odour free so there was no shame in wearing them for a week! I’ve since washed them with no issues. I’m very much looking forward to wearing them in my winter boots once the snow arrives.

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