David Child

This 200g merino wool T shirt is well made, with stiching lines that make it a sporty T shirt on it's own but ideal under shirt as a vest.
It wicks away sweat perfectly and can be hand washed with soap and dried in 20 mins.! – perfect for camping or hung over the handle bars when cycling ( use a couple of pegs ! )
But, because Cyclist need to wear florescent jackets it can actually be too warm, I would love to order the same thing, but in a lighter weight, 150g and maybe a longer rear back because it rides up when leaning over cycling.
Unlike so many other manufacturers, it just has one unobtrustive, simple logo – so you don't feel like a pratt.
I have used another supplier for my merino wool items in the past but their prices have rocketed. They have stopped their simple range ( which had 200g, 150g and 100g vests ) and started 'designer' clothing.
I recommend that you choose the size ABOVE your normal chest size. it is designed quite a tight fit, especially the collar.

Good, simple design.
Expensive but excellent quality; value for money compared to competators.

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